For those considering investment in accommodations

Creating destinations.
Operating and continually refining.
Our way of contributing to society.

Creating destinations.
Operating and continually refining.
Our way of contributing to society.

For those considering investment in accommodations

Features of our innovative approach to lodging

Creating destinations – making travel about the destination itself

  • A place to visit for the accommodation itself, not just somewhere to sleep
  • Creating demand instead of merely capturing it
  • Pursuing uniqueness specific to the location

Outstanding operational capabilities

  • A proven track record of success even in challenging circumstances
  • A unique discerning eye, akin to an art collector
  • Thinking from an operational perspective ensures success

Respect for craftsmanship

  • Custom-made, authentic, and meticulously crafted
  • Prioritizing warmth over efficiency
  • Embracing the “deliberately difficult”

A collective dedicated to continual improvement

  • Not stopping at completion, but treating it as a starting point
  • Operating responsibly and committed to success

Drawing strength from the support of others

  • Forming teams for each project
  • Collaborating and sharing with local communities
  • Introducing fans who support our vision


  • Ensuring a continuous flow of money, not just focusing on meaning
  • Naturally considering environmental impact (SDGs)

Accommodation development as social contribution

Revitalizing local communities has been a universal social issue for decades, dating back to the era of the Furusato Creation Project. However, as we now face the reality of a shrinking population, the topic of regional revitalization has become increasingly urgent and serious. It is a battle for survival with no time to spare.

So, what constitutes successful regional revitalization? We believe it ultimately comes down to acquiring external funds. By generating income from outside the region, additional resources are created, contributing to an increase in the permanent population. Many people engage in regional revitalization efforts, and it often seems that lodging is the most effective way to acquire external funds. For example, a remote hot spring town that has existed for centuries is a testament to the effectiveness of lodging in sustaining a region.

Our goal is to create lodgings that contribute to the sustainability of local communities. In particular, destination accommodations create new demand within the region, rather than taking from existing demand, thus generating positive economic effects. We strive to be a welcome presence for communities fighting for survival.

Additionally, regional decline also poses the problem of losing local culture. The Japanese archipelago offers a wealth of diverse and beautiful landscapes. However, the irreplaceable treasures that each region takes pride in are now facing a crisis of loss. This issue affects our very identity. Lodgings can serve as a showcase for local attractions, as well as a place to discover the charm of the region. Through our lodging projects, we seek to find, polish, and share the light of each region.

In an era where AI threatens human jobs, the warmth of local craftsmanship should be revisited and appreciated. Authenticity exists in the regions. At the very least, the seeds are there. The regions may start to shine even brighter from now on.

Sustainable lodging creates sustainable regions and culture.
This is our way of contributing to society.

Please consult us if you are

  •  Looking for a hotel, ryokan, or resort management company

  •  Wanting to make effective use of real estate or find buyers

  •  Wanting to utilize regional resources

  •  A hotel owner or investor

  •  A developer or real estate company

  •  A design firm or design company

  •  A financial institution (business succession, M&A, revitalization)

  •  Government or external organizations (national cultural resources, effective use of real estate)

  •  Local governments (regional revitalization, effective use of regional resources)

List of Hotels and Restaurants




Tadao Ando Architecture & Design, All 7 rooms in suite



12 rooms, high-quality hot spring with open-air baths & ocean view



11 villas with private hot springs



Spend precious moments in a small gathering, all 37 rooms.



A small luxury of modern Kyoto with a total of 21 rooms.



26 rooms with ocean view and open-air baths

Keirin Hotel 10



Japan’s first stadium-integrated hotel


2023 Open


11 rooms, Japan’s first champagne hotel



maison owl

Designed by architect Junya Ishigami
A cave-like restaurant


Hakone Emoa Terrace

A multi-purpose facility equipped with a restaurant, cafe, bakery, and patisserie.