We pass on the regional legacy

onkochishin inc. aims to create “Destination Hotel” in order to contribute to regional revitalization. “Destination Hotel” means making hotel itself as the attraction & main purpose of the journey. By producing quality hotels in each region, we do not only bring guests to the places, but showcasing the legacies in local craftsmanship, cultures, history in every stay. Hence, our mission is to find these hidden gems in Japan, make it shine and pass it on. Providing one of a kind experience focusing on the local charms with hospitality and passion, we aim to connect every part in Japan to the world.

Business Domain

operation okcs

Leverage regional Individuality & Strength

  1. Operation (Management Contract or Renting)
  2. Introdcing okcs way of marketing, recruitment, training, f&b and facilities management, rebranding, website setup, OTA connection
  3. Aiming for showcasing specialties and characteristic of each place, and connect all properties together

Business Succession

Work Togther with One Heart Out

  1. Undertaking the whole business which having difficulty in finding successors
  2. Treating previous owners blood & sweat carefully, and promise to inherit the their spirits
  3. Formulating plans and introduce investors
  4. Introducing a gradual transition for marketing support

& Unique Plans

  1. Providing support to hotels from planning stage.
  2. Producing hotels with unique plans in order to make them as destinations of tour.
  3. Offering management plans
  4. Creating numerical/financial plans for all operation.


Be Creative

Strives for uniqueness that is a step ahead in the market. The importance of design is needless to mention. What is more, foster ideas that could not be found anywhere else.

Be Sincere

To build trust, we make all plans with a sincere heart, detailed mind, and always revised and reflect upwardly.

Find the light, refine and deliver

The one and only, the glamour & attractiveness, the worth-protecting things are the light in the region. Our mission is to find that light, refine and deliver it to everyone in Japan and the rest of world.


“onkochishin” was found in February 2011, it was also around the time of the tragedy, 2011 Tōhoku Earthquake and Tsunami, also known as the 311 Japan Earthquake. Hence, onkochishin business was all about the renovation & revitalization of the 311 at the very beginning. In December 2015, the 4th year of this company, we started to run our first property “Setouchi Aonagi”.It was an uphill battle at that time when we had insufficient money yet we also knew that was the opportunity to seize and we should hold up there. It was not easy at the beginning, but step by step, we are here now. Finally, our team has reached the 10th anniversary of onkochishin. Our first baby, “okcs Retreat Setouchi Aonagi”, has the honor to be the very first Japanese run hotel to be awarded the highest honor with Michelin 5 Star in 2018. And the next year, another onkochishin property, “okcs Retreat Iki Kairi” also humbly received the same honor from Michelin.

With all the blessing from people who support our work, we have been running more properties. Our revenue, teammates are 100 times then the first year. I want to take the chance to show my gratitude to our lovely guests, teams, owners of properties, business partners, and more than 70 shareholders. Thank you so much for the support and guidance. Although it takes so much time for me to reach here, it is far away from my goal.

Given the fact that we have achieved to create many projects we are so proud of, but the higher you go, the more humble you must be. Our team exists to find the hidden gems inside stone. It is our mission to focus on polishing all the stones until all of the hidden gems are shown to you.

We cannot wait to create more breathtakingly exciting and interesting moment to you

Tomoki Matsuyama
CEO of onkochishin. inc


okcs Retreat Setouchi Aonagi

Opened in December 2015, okcs Retreat Setouchi Aonagi is the Shikoku’s finest small luxury hotel offering only prestigious 7 all-suite room. The hidden gem s located 25 minutes north of Dogo Onsen in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture. Set in a masterpiece designed by world-famous architect Tadao Ando, we will introduce a new retreat style such as an open-air bath with a sleeping bath that is unique among the world, Japanese food made with seasonal ingredients that you can find nowhere in Shikoku but in Aonagi. okcs also proudly introduces that Aonagi was awareded in the Michelin Guide as “5 Pavilion (red) luxury and finest hotel” in 2018.

okcs Retreat Iki Kairi

okcs Retreat Iki Kairi is the Kyushu’s leading luxury ryokan “KAIRI MURAKAMI” in Iki City, Nagasaki Prefecture. KAIRI MURAKAMI has become the second managing facility of okcs with the aim of inheriting the legacy of the previous owner. okcs Retreat Iki Kairi has been adwarded as a luxurious and 5 pavilion hotel in the “Michelin Guide Fukuoka / Saga / Nagasaki 2019 Special Edition”.
okcs Retreat Iki Kairi provides wide-opened ocean view open-air hot spring bath in all rooms, cuisine that made of precious ingredients such as sea urchin, abalone, and exclusive Iki wagyu beef.

okcs Retreat Hakone villa 1/f

The 11 villas on the mountain are all equipped with a fireplace and a private hot spring. The spacious places scent of forest and green bring you the most carefree experience. Each villa has a different floor plan to let you enjoy a luxurious stay as if you were renting a mountain hideaway. “1/f” refers to fluctuations found in nature which has the magic to relax our body & soul. During the stay at okcs Retreat Hakone villa 1/f, guests can experience “1/f” in flames dancing in wood stoves, hot spring vapors, winds, rustling trees, sounds of the water, bird twitter through their five senses. You can fully immerse yourself in the healing of nature. Here in Hakone might be the best place for you and your beloved to enjoying the quality and relaxing private time away from the busy

okcs Retreat Hakone före

okcs Retreat Hakone före okcs Retreat Hakone före is surrounded by forest and nature. It is designed to bring you from Asia to the Scandinavia with its minimal modern space where the sunshine gentlly illuminating the whole building. “Före” is a Swedish word meaning “forward”. Here at okcs Retreat Hakone före, we offer an evolved resort experience that is neither a traditional hot spring ryokan nor a hotel. In addition, in the hot spring building, you can see the breathtakingly beautiful Hakone mountains while purifying your mind and body in the hot spring water.

Fujiiso Ryokan

The sound of water flowing through the Matsukawa Valley, the scent of the wind swaying between trees, the chirping of birds telling the changing seasons, and the hot spring that has more than 210 years. Fujiiso, located in Nagano Prefecture, is an orthodox long-established ryokan that was loved by famous authors such as Ogai Mori, Tekkan Yosano, Akiko Yosano, Kan Kikuchi, and Yaichi Aizu.

River Retreat Garaku

River Retreat Garaku is the luxury hotel located on the shores of Jinzu Gorge, Toyama City. It features a beautiful architecture designed by Japan’s leading architect Hiroshi Naito. Except from over 100 m2 of guest rooms, a large open-air public bath with natural hot springs, and extensive spa facilities. Contemporary art collections are everywhere. The artsy atmosphere is attracting all art lovers from Japan and the rest of the world.


Horaikan is a petite ryokan in Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture. The beautiful Nebama coast of white sand and green pine spreading out, and you can taste the seasonal seafood unique to Sanriku. It has been staying tough during tsunamis of the earthquakes. The ryokan even accepted the victims and protected their lives during the horrified natural disaster. It also contributed to attracting the Rugby World Cup and certifying the Kamaishi Hashino Mining Site as a World Heritage. It is an ryokan that will continue to serve to help reconstruction of Sanriku Earthquake.


Tomoki Matsuyama
CEO of onkochishin. inc

1973Born in Detroit, the U.S. Raised in Osaka, JP until 18 years old
1998Obtained the master’s degree in Urban Engineering, The University of Tokyo
1998Joined Boston Consulting Group
2005Joined Hoshino Resorts Co., Ltd.
・ Improved house keeping productivity by 150%
2007・Director of management projects
・General Manager of the co-produced project with The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
2009Director at Hoshino Resorts Co., Ltd.
2011Founder & CEO onkochishin inc.
〜2020Started to operate “okcs Retreat Setouchi Aonagi”, it was the only Michelin 5-starred Japanese hotel in 2018.
Another property, “Iki Retrat Kairi Murakami” also awarded with Michelin 5 Star. Started to operate “Hakone Retreat”
Seiichi OtaGeneral Manager at okcs Retreat Iki Kairi
Ota was born in Iki. He has been the chef since the launch of Kairi Murakami. His cuisine is the foundation of the hotel and contributed to winning the JTB Best Ryokan Award. He becomes the general manager from 2020, and in charge of the teppanyaki.
Keiji NishiuraGeneral Manager at Cuvée J2 Hôtel Osaka
After working at The Ritz-Carlton (Kyoto), AMANEM, and Intercontinental, Nishiura was the general manager of Pastel Inn Saigon, Vietnam. He is also a specialist for overseas guests & customer service.
Motonori Hiratamaison owl Owner-chef
It has been 18 years since he opened “restaurant noel” in Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture in his 20s. Inheriting the French classics, was also published in the French restaurant guide “Gault Millau” . The restaurant serves meals to let you enjoy the real taste the ingredients. maison owl is opening in 2022.


onkochishin inc.

CEOTomoki Matsuyama
Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku,
Tokyo 160-0022 Japan
TELTEL:+81-(0)3-6709-9562 / FAX:+81-(0)3-6709-9563
EstablishmentFebruary 1, 2011
Capital stock46.075 million jpy
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