Onko Chishin Co., Ltd.
Company Overview

Our story of constantly refining
our accommodations

Our story of constantly refining our accommodations

Onko Chishin Co., Ltd.
Company Overview

Greetings from the CEO

Onko Chishin was founded in February 2011, one month before the earthquake disaster. Amidst unprecedented chaos as if we had angered the gods, we raised our voices, stood up, and continued to run forward no matter what.
We aim to contribute to society, show good taste, never give up until we succeed, and never forget gratitude. These are still our beliefs today.
Creating a place that attracts people with discerning tastes, even in challenging locations like Shikoku and remote islands, was considered absurd and bound to fail. Some people might have even talked behind our backs.
However, with colleagues who believed in the possibilities and locals who supported us, we continued running despite our fears and imperfections. Along the way, fans began to appear, people reached out to help, and we were even honored with awards such as Michelin stars. We were blessed with some good fortune.
Our company, which started with just one person, has grown 300 times. There are fans who want to visit all of our unique locations. The accumulation of small achievements from our relentless polishing efforts has led to higher expectations for us, which seem to grow in proportion to our successes.
It’s better to be expected to run than to run without expectations. It’s not pressure, but rather something like a seed right. We have colleagues, fans, and the demands of society.
We don’t know how far we’ll go, but we’ll keep running.

Tomoki Matsuyama

1973 Born April 23, in Detroit; raised in Osaka until the age of 18
1998 Completed Master’s in Urban Engineering at the University of Tokyo Graduate School
1998 Joined Boston Consulting Group/span>
2000 Participated in the founding of Dream Incubator Inc.
2005 Joined Hoshino Resorts Inc., became a board member in 2007
2011 Founded Onkochishin Co., Ltd.
Up until now Please see the company history below.

Company History

2011 year
Feb Founded Onkochishin Co., Ltd. with Tomoki Matsuyama (current CEO) as the only employee. Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo (share office in Gaienmae); Capital: 8 million yen (160 shares); From the beginning, aimed to operate hotels.
Mar One month after the founding, the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred. Planned projects were canceled, and the company went on to handle dozens of reconstruction projects over the next few years.
2012 year
Sep  Launched the first website. The catchphrase at the time: “The happiness of being born in a country with hot springs.”
2013 year
Feb First employee joined the company in its third year.
Sep Registered a utility model for “full-flat sleeping bath with guest room amenities.”
2014 year
Sep Signed a management contract with River Retreat Garaku in Toyama City. Onkochishin went on to operate multiple hotels with the name “Retreat” and received permission from the original Garaku’s owner.
2015 year
Jun  Website renewal. The catchphrase at the time: “The land of hot springs can shine even more.”
Dec Opened the first managed facility “Setouchi Retreat Aonagi” in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture. Initially, it was a personal business of Tomoki Matsuyama (later incorporated). The building owner is Daio Paper (lease contract). Renovated an art museum designed by Tadao Ando into a hotel. From this point, Onkochishin transitioned from a post-disaster reconstruction company to an operating company.
2016 year
Mar Issued the first and second stock options (20 shares)
Sep Setouchi Retreat was selected as one of the “25 coolest hotels in the world” by Forbes.
Sep Moved the head office from Minato-ku, Kita-Aoyama (Gaienmae) to Minato-ku, Minami-Aoyama (Nogizaka)
2017 year
Feb Accepted consulting work for Takenoya Ryokan in Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture. Mariya Takeuchi’s family home. (Contract has ended due to good performance)
Feb First third-party allotment of 40 shares at 800,000 yen each, raising 32 million yen. Self-crowdfunding method by sending emails to acquaintances. Received three times the target amount in half a day. Issued 200 shares, capital increased to 24 million yen.
Jul  Started operating support for Fujii-so in Takayama Village, Nagano Prefecture (contract has mostly ended due to good performance) August Established Onkochishin Setouchi LLC as a 100% subsidiary. At the same time, incorporated Setouchi Retreat Aonagi, which had been a personal business.
Aug Established Onkochishin Setouchi LLC as a 100% subsidiary. At the same time, incorporated Setouchi Retreat, which had been a personal business.
Oct Website renewal. Catchphrase: “Find the light. Polish it, and deliver it.”
Dec  Moved the head office from Minato-ku, Tokyo to Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku (Inbound League).
2018 year
Mar  Popular YouTuber Hikakin posted a video of his visit to Aonagi, which has been viewed 16 million times. Although it was a promotional project, there was no payment involved.
Apr Setouchi Retreat received the highest rating, 5 Red Pavilions, in the “Michelin Guide Hiroshima & Ehime 2018 Special Edition.” It was the first Japanese hotel and resort hotel to achieve this recognition, which was previously given only to foreign hotels.
Apr Three new graduates joined as the first batch of employees, bringing the total number of Onkochishin employees to 20. June Acquired patent for “log recording support request system.”
Jun  Acquired patent for “log recording support request system.”
Aug Started operating Iki Retreat  in Iki City, Nagasaki Prefecture. It was the second facility they managed under a management contract (MC).
Oct 10-for-1 stock split, increasing the number of issued shares from 200 to 2,000.
Dec 2nd round of third-party allotment capital increase, raising 43.5 million yen by issuing 525 shares at 300,000 yen each. The number of issued shares increased to 2,145, and the capital increased to 45.75 million yen.
2019 year
Jan  Started managing Nest Inn Hakone (now Hakone Retreat fore & villa 1/f) under an MC contract. Counted as the third and fourth managed facilities as two different types of facilities are located on the same site.
Apr 10-for-1 stock split, increasing the number of issued shares from 2,145 to 21,450.
Apr Became a company with a board of directors and auditors.
May 10-day consecutive holiday from Heisei 31 to Reiwa 1.
May Number of Onkochishin employees exceeded 100.
Jul Iki Retreat was listed in the “Michelin Guide Fukuoka, Saga, and Nagasaki 2019 Special Edition” with 5 Black Pavilions.
Aug Issued 3rd and 4th stock options, potential share count 2,400.
Aug 阪Participated in the Hankyu Men’s Building Tokyo Autumn Night event with an Onko Chishin booth.
Oct Setouchi Retreat won 7 awards, including “Best Relaxation Retreat” at the “Autograph Collection Global Hotel Awards.”
Oct Setouchi Retreat won the “Best Luxury Small Hotel” country category at the “World Luxury Hotel Awards.”
Oct Fore Bakery at Hakone Retreat started selling “Van Gogh’s Moon Bread.”
Oct Setouchi Retreat hosted a cultural arts music festival, with funds raised through crowdfunding
Oct Hakone Retreat collaborated with the Pola Museum of Art to sell a limited-time “Monet Special Menu.”
Oct Consumption tax increased from 8% to 10%.
Oct Onko Chishin newsletter “Tabisaki Annaijin Vol.1” published.
Nov Setouchi Retreat won the “Inspired Design Hotel” award at the “Boutique Hotel Awards,” receiving a total of 9 awards, including 3 international awards.
Dec Setouchi Retreat, Iki Retreat, and Hakone Retreat joined “Design Hotels.”
Dec Setouchi Retreat exhibited a spatial installation work by photographer Shintaro Miyawaki.
2020 year
Feb  Installed open-air hot spring baths in all guest rooms at Umimura Kamome due to renovation work, reducing the number of rooms from 15 to 12.
Feb  Launched the operation brand “by okcs” (changed to “by Onko Chishin” in 2023).
Mar Tokyo Olympics postponed, Japanese High School Baseball Championship canceled.
Apr First state of emergency declaration due to the spread of COVID-19 (expanded nationwide from April 16 to May 31).
May Setouchi Retreat won the “Most Prestigious Architectural & Golf Retreat Hotel in Asia” at the “Galatian Signature Awards” and “World Luxury Hotel of the Year – 2020” in the “Global 100 2020.”
May Sale of “Future Stay Vouchers.”
May Majority of Tomoki Matsuyama’s shares transferred to Matsuyama HD (asset management company).
Jun Rebranding ceremony for Umimura Kamome to “Ikijima Retreat Umimura Kamome.”
Jun  Launched online select shop “Retreat Selection by okcs.”
Jul GOTO Travel Campaign started. All facilities recorded high sales during the campaign period.
Aug  Began selling helicopter plans to travel from Tokyo to Hakone in 35 minutes, avoiding the “Three Cs.”
Sep Established Onko Chishin Osaka, a 100% subsidiary of Onkochishin. Founded as the operating company for Cuvee J2 Hotel Osaka (currently dormant).
Sep Began selling collaboration plan with “Hakone Lalique Museum” at Hakone Retreat.
Sep Tomoki Matsuyama, the representative of Onkochishin, was invited to the 39th “Tourism Strategy Implementation Promotion Council” meeting and made suggestions as an expert. Many ministers attended the meeting, which was the first since Prime Minister Suga took office.
Oct Acquired 51% of Natalie Inc., the operating company of Maison Owl. The remaining 49% is owned by Chef Hirata.
Oct Held an “Art Tea Ceremony” at Setouchi Retreat.
Oct  Due to the exercise of some stock options, the number of issued shares increased to 22,750 (potential shares 2,400 → 1,100).
Dec Setouchi Retreat won the “World’s Most Prestigious Architectural Hotel” award at the “Galatian Signature Awards.”
2021 year
Feb  Held the 1st “okcs day” (a company-wide internal event) to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the company’s founding. Distributed “Credo 1.0” (confidential information) to all employees.
Mar Iki Retreat collaborated with “Iki no Kurashuzo” to create craft gin. Crowdfunding was used to raise funds, reaching 206% of the target. The first batch sold out in one month.
Apr An unspecified prominent brand held a 5-day exclusive event at Setouchi Retreat.
Apr Launched “Tisser by okcs,” an online shop specializing in old champagne.
Jul  Opened a limited-time restaurant “Maison Owl Prologue” at Tokyo Kudan House. Kudan House was the exhibition venue for Junya Ishigami’s artwork “Shade Cloud” for the “Pavilion Tokyo 2021” art event related to the Tokyo Olympics.
Jul  Onko Chishin’s representative Matsuyama appeared on the cover of the industry magazine “Weekly Hotel Restaurant.”
Aug  Established Onkochishin Tamano, a 100% subsidiary of Onkochishin. Founded as the operating company for KEIRIN HOTEL10.
Aug  Established a 50:50 strategic subsidiary “Dionysus LLC” with Eat Creator Inc. Currently, the kitchen operations at Setouchi Retreat are outsourced to Dionysus LLC.
Aug Renewed the company’s website with the catchphrase “Inheriting and developing regional diversity, and realizing a prosperous future.” The new page prominently features “okcs philosophy.”
Oct Utilized the “SHIFT Initiative” to promote pioneering decarbonization efforts at factories and business establishments, introducing energy-saving heat pump equipment at Setouchi Retreat.
Oct Held a champagne tasting event in preparation for the opening of Cuvee J2 Hotel Osaka.
Nov Acquired Beer Festa Inc. through M&A, making it a 100% subsidiary. The company is involved in local beer distribution.
2022 year
Jan Donated 300,000 yen each to Matsuyama City and Iki City through the corporate version of Furusato Tax.
Feb  Number of employees surpassed 150.
Mar EIRIN HOTEL10 grand opening inside the Tamano Keirin Stadium in Okayama Prefecture, the first hotel in Japan integrated with a stadium. The building owner is Chari-Lotto, a subsidiary of Mixi, which manages Tamano Keirin. It’s the 5th operated facility.
Apr  Welcomed 33 new graduates (5th class) to the company, bringing the number of employees to 200.
Apr KEIRIN HOTEL 10 launched limited-edition collaboration bento boxes for the Setouchi International Art Festival.
Apr Some stock options expired, reducing the number of latent shares from 1,100 to 693.
May  Ranked in the Financial Times’ Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies in Asia-Pacific.
May Maison owl opened in Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. Designed by Junya Ishigami, it is a cave-like restaurant with accommodation available for one party. No opening party was held due to its invitation-only policy.
May  Launched the “okcs privilege club” membership program.
May Prepared for listing on the Tokyo Pro Market by splitting stocks 100-fold, increasing the number of issued shares to 2,275,000.
Aug Setouchi Retreat won the “Best Luxury Hotel Award” at the Autograndeur Global Hotel Awards for the second time since 2019.
Aug Renewed the “Beer Festa” subscription service for Japanese craft beer.
Aug The behind-the-scenes story of KEIRIN HOTEL 10 was featured in an article in “Nikkei Cross Trend.
Aug Grand opening of “Goto Retreat” on Fukue Island, Goto, Nagasaki Prefecture. The building owner is Sojitz Goto Development, a 100% subsidiary of Sojitz. It’s the 7th operated facility and the 5th retreat.
Sep  Started operating MUNI KYOTO in Arashiyama, Kyoto. Took over the management from another company. The facility has a Michelin-starred Alain Ducasse restaurant. It’s the 8th operated accommodation facility.
Nov The owner company of Hakone Retreat changed.
Nov Launched the official influencer program “okcs SNS partners.”
Nov MUNI ALAIN DUCASSE and MUNI LA TERRASSE received Michelin stars for the second consecutive year.
Nov Number of employees surpassed 300.
Dec NFT art exhibition at Setouchi Retreat.
Dec Implemented a uniform 6,000 yen/month base salary increase for all employees.
2023 year
Jan  Formed “Shareholder Community” for Onkochishin. Shareholder Community is a trading platform for unlisted shares created by the Japan Securities Dealers Association and operated by Mirai Securities. It’s an alternative to listing on the Tokyo Pro Market.
Feb Renewed the company’s website, ending the okcs brand and integrating it with the Onko Chishin brand.
Mar Opened “Hakone Emoa Terrace” a mixed-use restaurant located next to the Hakone Lalique Museum. The authentic Orient Express is also displayed, and visitors can dine inside the train.
Mar Participating in the “Roppongi Tsutaya Bookstore” Whole Building Fair “Adult Deep Journey” from March 25th to April 24th
Apr 17 new graduates from the 6th class join the company. The number of employees reaches 325.
Apr MUNI LA BOUTIQUE releases new products.
Apr Keisuke Honda appears in the real investment documentary “ANGELS”.
Apr Japan Investment Adviser Co., Ltd. forms a capital alliance. By issuing 135,000 new shares, the total number of issued shares becomes 2.41 million, and the capital increases to 147,325,000 yen.
Jun Iki Retreat launches the “Kateigaho Suite,” a concept room created in collaboration with the magazine “Kateigaho.”
Jun CYCLE AND FOOD”, a community collaborative event, will be held at KEIRIN HOTEL 10. The theme of the first event was “Wine and Cheese” in collaboration with Rural Capri and Yoshida Farm.
Jun Due to a large number of buy orders from the shareholder community, 10,000 new shares were issued. Outstanding 2,420,000 shares and capitalized at 154,825,000 yen.
Jul The first in-house limited time sale. First Special Days in three years.”
Sep Mitsui Kanko Hotel on Rebun Island is now part of the group, a summer season hotel open only from May to October. This is the eighth hotel operated by Onna Koshin. This is the eighth Onko Chishin hotel, and the third on a remote border island, following Iki and Goto. This is the first case in which the company even owns the building.
Oct Goto Retreat receives the Good Design Award.
Oct Licensed as a real estate agent by the Governor of Tokyo (1) No. 109853
Oct Goto Retreat wins “Grand Prize” in the Interior Planning Awards.
2024 year
Jan Scheduled to open the world’s first official champagne concept hotel, “Cuvee J2 Hotel Osaka,” in Osaka City (Nagahoribashi). The hotel will feature 11 rooms expressing the world of champagne maisons.


Jun AmanoHakone Retreat före & villa1/f General Manager
After transitioning from the world of automobile and life insurance sales to the hospitality industry, he served as the general manager of a hot spring ryokan in Hokkaido and was involved in the TRAIN SUITE Shiki-shima cruise train project. As a sales specialist, he leads the field and is appointed as the general manager of Hakone Retreat.
Yuko AraiPR & Marketing Director
The first SLH Japan PR Ambassador. After working at luxury city hotels in three foreign countries, she served as the PR and planning director for Unzen Kanko Hotel and Zagyosou. She is also a part-time lecturer at Japan Hotel School (side job).
Ken IzawaHakone Retreat före Manager & Sommelier
Food and beverage manager at Windsor Hotel Toya Resort & Spa during the Summit. He has worked at Hotel Okura Tokyo, Kobe, and membership-based French restaurants in Tokyo. He is an expert in restaurant management.
Kazunori ImazuSetouchi Retreat Sommelier
Worked for 10 years at French hotels and bistros in Tokyo, and has been in his current position since 2018. Specializes in pairing with various dishes with unconventional choices. Awarded Sommelier Excellence in 2020.
Yoshiyuki OshimaHakone Retreat före patisserie Main Patissier
Worked with flour and eggs at Hotel Grand Pacific Meriden, TTC, Happoen, and Ore no French before going to France. Honed his skills at HUGO & VICTOR and returned to Japan. Served as the head chef patissier at Atelier Lievre and Bress Gate.
Seiichi Ota Iki Retreat General Manager/Teppanyaki Chef
Born in Iki, he has been a chef at Kairi Murakami since its establishment. He has helped create the foundation of Kairi Murakami’s cuisine, receiving awards such as the JTB Best Ryokan Award. Appointed as general manager in 2020, he showcases his skills in teppanyaki cooking.
Minoru KoikeHead of Operations Support Division
Born in Gunma Prefecture. Purchasing Manager during the opening of Amanemu. After studying in the United States, he was in charge of talent development in the IT industry. Experienced in managing hotels, amusement parks, ski resorts, and golf courses, as well as reservation and revenue management.
Miho KobayashiPlanning Promotion Division - Planning Planner
Joined Onko Chishin after working at Cookpad and Smilez. In charge of planning new hotels. While being a full-time employee, she also works as a freelancer on city planning and regional tourism production.
Shinpei ShibataMarketing Director
Served as the general manager and executive of three properties in Shizuoka Prefecture and Izu. A specialist in hotel and ryokan revitalization support using domestic and international OTAs, and a Toyama Furusato Ambassador. Also well-versed in the jewelry and bridal industries, with experience in event production and fashion show production.
Motonori HirataOwner Chef of Maison Owl
Opened “restaurant noel” in Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, in his 20s and has been running it for 18 years. Inherits the tradition of French cuisine and serves meals that carefully savor the ingredients. Listed in the French-originated restaurant guide “Gault et Millau.” Opened Maison Owl in 2022.
Alessandro Guardiani Executive Chef of MUNI KYOTO
Steadily built his career at “Le Grill” restaurant in Hotel de Paris in Monaco and “Le Grill” restaurant in The Dorchester in London. He later gained experience as an assistant chef at “Le Meurice Alain Ducasse” (a 2 Michelin-starred restaurant) in Paris. After 10 years of honing his skills, he was appointed as the Executive Chef of MUNI KYOTO.
Li JingwenCreative Marketing Dept. Designer
From China. Specialize in graphic and web design. Majoring in MBA and DBEX program(Design/Business/Entrepreneurship Crossing Track) at Kyushu University. With a perspective that combines business and design, I have a strong interest in Socio-Ecological Design and am actively involved in activities in this field.

Employee Number Trends

Financial Performance Trends

1st period 2nd period 3rd period
4th period 5th period 6th period 7th period 8th period 9th period 10th period 11th period 12th period
Jan 2012
Jan 2013 Jan 2014 Jan 2015 Jan 2016 Jan 2017 Jan 2018 Jan 2019 Jan 2020 Jan 2021 Jan 2022 Jan 2023
(Millions of yen) Single Year Single Year Single Year Single Year Single Year Single Year Single Year Single Year Single Year Single Year Single Year Single Year
Sales 4.8 28.3 32.2 49.4 75.2 74.0 77.9 139.0 142.2 364.3 424.8 1,288.0
Operating Profit -7.3 5.5 1.4 1.2 0.2 -3.1 0.3 3.3 0.4 36.5 19.4 49.5
Net Profit for the Period -7.4 5.4 1.3 0.9 0.1 -3.2 0.0 3.0 0.1 -1.3 15.7 33.6
Total Assets 5.0 13.1 18.6 29.9 93.2 88.8 100.2 146.5 164.1 442.9 560.8 688.7
Fixed Liabilities 0.0 0.0 5.9 11.9 78.2 67.6 56.9 46.3 33.4 261.0 245.0 312.7
Net Assets 0.6 6.0 7.2 8.1 8.2 16.2 37.0 83.5 83.6 73.0 88.7 110.7
Number of Operated Facilities 1 1 1 2 4 4 4 8

Performance Forecast

By increasing the number of destination hotels and inns by three per year and accumulating development profits, the plan is to achieve an 8-fold increase in sales and a 30-fold increase in net profit over the next five years.

By increasing the number of destination hotels and inns by three per year and accumulating development profits, the plan is to achieve an 8-fold increase in sales and a 30-fold increase in net profit over the next five years.

10th 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th
Jan 2021 Jan 2022 Jan 2023 Jan 2024 Jan 2025 Jan 2026 Jan 2027 Jan 2028
(Millions of yen) Consolidated (actual) Consolidated (actual) Consolidated (actual) Consolidated (forecast) Consolidated (forecast) Consolidated (forecast) Consolidated (forecast) Consolidated (forecast)
Sales 299.1 424.8 1,288.0 2,322.4 3,633.3 6,026.4 8,924.4 10,957.4
Operating Profit 48.9 19.4 49.5 143.2 320.7 752.4 1,279.4 1,424.4
Net Profit for the Period 11.2 15.7 33.6 93.1 208.5 489.1 831.6 925.9
Number of Operated Facilities 4 4 8 12 15 18 21 24
Dividend per Share (yen) 0.0 5.0 7.0 10.0

If you are interested in purchasing shares of Onko Chishin Co., Ltd.

If you are interested in purchasing shares of Onko Chishin Co., Ltd.

Since January 2023, Onko Chishin Co., Ltd. has established a “Shareholder Community”. Although our company’s shares are treated as unlisted stocks, they can be bought and sold within this community. The “Shareholder Community” is an alternative to listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, but it is still possible to continue listing through this method.

■ Overview of the Shareholder Community System

The Shareholder Community system was established by the Japan Securities Dealers Association in May 2015 to support the financing of local enterprises and meet the needs of trading and cashing non-listed corporate stocks. Securities companies designated by the Japan Securities Dealers Association form shareholder communities for each stock, where shareholders and eligible investors can participate. Within the shareholder community, the issuing company remains unlisted, and participants can buy and sell shares through a securities company.

For the Japan Securities Dealers Association page, please visit:

《Application for Participation in the Shareholder Community》

Application for Participation in the Shareholder Community

Our company’s shareholder community is managed by Mirai Securities Co., Ltd. To become a member of the community, you need to open a trading account with Mirai Securities.
(Please note that there is a screening process by Mirai Securities.)

We offer a shareholder benefit program for our shareholders. For information on stock trading prices and other details, please contact Mirai Securities directly.

Our company’s shareholder community is managed by Mirai Securities Co., Ltd. To become a member of the community, you need to open a trading account with Mirai Securities.
(Please note that there is a screening process by Mirai Securities.)

We offer a shareholder benefit program for our shareholders. For information on stock trading prices and other details, please contact Mirai Securities directly.

– Mirai Securities Co., Ltd. –

〒105-0003 3-4-2 Nishi-Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-5422-1081 Reception hours: 9:00 – 17:20
MAIL: toiawase@miraisec.co.jp
URL : https://www.miraisec.co.jp/community/

Onko Chishin Co., Ltd.

CEO Tomoki Matsuyama
Location 〒160-0022
5-15-14 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
TEL TEL:03-6709-9562 / FAX:03-6709-9563
Weekdays 9:30 am – 6:00 pm
Phone calls are accepted through a call center.
If you know the mobile phone number of the person in charge, we would appreciate it if you could contact them directly on their mobile phone.
Established February 1, 2011
Capital 10,000,000 yen

The Tokyo office of Onkochishin Inc. is located in a facility called Inbound League, a 3-minute walk from Shinjuku-Sanchome Station. We recommend using the “C7” exit when using the Marunouchi Line, Fukutoshin Line, and Toei Shinjuku Line.

(1) If you are using the Fukutoshin Line or Marunouchi Line, head towards the “Toei Shinjuku Line transfer direction”
(2) For the Toei Shinjuku Line, go up to the entrance of Isetan and then go down again
(3) C7 is even further ahead of the Toei Shinjuku Line ticket gate, and it will take about 5 minutes from getting off the train
(4) C7 exit is half escalator, half stairs
(5) After exiting C7, please cross the pedestrian crossing where there is a police box and FamilyMart
(6) There is a Lawson on the right-hand side, so turn right at the corner ahead
(7) Turn left immediately, and you will see Inbound League on your left
(8) There is a door like a service entrance, which you will open manually
(9) There is an unmanned reception with a mail reception, etc
(10) Please call Onkochishin in Room 502 using the telephone

★ It takes 5-7 minutes to reach the C7 exit, but it is about a 3-minute walk from C7
★ Shinjuku-Sanchome E1 exit is also nearby, but you need to cross the pedestrian crossing in a strange way
★ It takes about 20 minutes to walk from Shinjuku Station (all lines)
★ You can also use Higashi-Shinjuku Station (Oedo Line, Fukutoshin Line). It is about 10 minutes from getting off the train, so it is almost the same as using Shinjuku-Sanchome