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Feel the local soul,
Rebright your values.

Feel the local soul,
Rebright your values.

Little evangelist of local light

okcs specializes in the operation of destination hotels,
produced and managed by onkochishin.

Inviting people out to destinations and contributing to the local
revitalization—moving  forward we aim to incorporate lodgings
with a new sense of individuality in our lineup.

Little evangelist of local light

Destinations for sophisticated people



Find the hidden gem, make it shine and pass it on

okcs operates a variety of facilities, from casual to ultra-luxury,
from historical ryokan to newly built hotels, from urban areas to remote islands.

What they all have in common is that they have unique personalities.

We pay attention to the memories of each place
Making the local memories into a unique concept

Respect for craftsmanship

Producers, creators, athletes, storytellers who dye the place with unique color.
Chefs who explore local ingredients and show up their skills in each place.
Respect the shokunin souls in the area
Delivering a site-specific story

Showcase for the local community

The accommodation roots in a community & as a showcase
where you can discover the local charm.

Repatriate capital and create employment opportunities.
As a symbol of the region and a cradle of connection.
okcs contributes to the sustainability of each region.

Novel experience every time

Building an accommodation is not the goal, but rather the starting point.
Service and the design of space are woven together by people.
A good accommodation changes over time.
We are a “team that continuously refines the experience of accommodation”.




okcs Retreat Setouchi Aonagi,okcs Retreat Iki Kairi,okcs Retreat Hakone
Cuvée J2 Hôtel Osaka by okcs,KEIRIN HOTEL 10 by okcs,okcs Retreat Goto ray

okcs Retreat Setouchi Aonagi

Small Luxury Hotel in Setouchi
Remove from unnecessary things Regain your true self
Breeze is still, waves are quiet.
“Minimal Luxury”

Architecture designed by Tadao Ando
7 Rooms; All-Suite

okcs Retreat Iki Kairi

The island of God that connects the past and present
Islands floating in the gentle waves just like rocks sitting in a zen garden
Natural golden onsen springs up since ancient times Natural ingredients
Comfortable space full of nostalgia
The “Small Sanctuary” that purify your heart and soul

12 Rooms・All come with full sea view & private open-air onsen

okcs Retreat Hakone villa

Hidden by the quiet forest of Hakone and Sengokuhara
Coexist with nature in here
11 retreat villas, the hidden homes
Steam of hot springs, the heat of the fireplace, trees swaying in the wind
A light melody played by birds & nature
Immerse & heal yourself in nature

Entrust your heart to time and “1/f” fluctuations in Hakone
All 11 villas with private onsen

okcs Retreat Hakone före

Sengokuhara, Hakone, where forests and art resonate quietly
Space where you can immerse yourself in art and reading
A high-quality onsen that connects to the sky and purifies your soul
Regain the truth
The signpost of “Forward (före)” that you have been looking for all the time

Spend your precious time in the “Small Gathering”

37 rooms in total

2023 Open

Cuvée J2 Hôtel Osaka by okcs

A glass of spirit with art and history
The philosophy of the Maison dwelling in the sparkling bubbles
Cuvée Rooms tell the story of legendary champagne producers
A full glass of everyday joy

All 15 rooms in Japan’s first champagne hotel

Keirin Hotel 10

KEIRIN HOTEL 10 by okcs

Room with a close view of the arena
The moment of the fiesta in front of you
Opening up a new era for KEIRIN

Japan’s first stadium-integrated hotel

2022 Summer Open

okcs Retreat Goto Ray

Goto, the island of prayer, had been keeping the faith in the Persecution of Christians.
Living tenaciously but supplely; gaining the vigor for the future.

Locating beyond the Geopark, which erupted from the Fukue Volcanoes 50,000 years ago.
A theater of the sea and sky that has been unfolding since ancient times.

The scenery is captured in the space that opens up to the heart.
The shine of Goto reflects in the Washoku fully using the island’s ingredients.

The scent of the tide, the breeze of Goto, the sky of eternity.
Connecting the past and the future; light & shadow appear following each other.

“The Island of Prayer; the Island of the Light”
26 rooms with an ocean view and open-air bath.


maison owl by okcs , hyoseki , woodside dining

online store

maison owl by okcs , hyoseki , woodside dining

2022 Open

maison owl by okcs

It seems as though it has been there for 10,000 years
and will be for 10,000 more.

Designed by the architect Junya Ishigami
The resturant looks just like a cave

Retreat Selection by okcs

Retreat Selection by okcs
Items that reflect the comfiness of hotels
Selected goods used & representing
luxury hotels run by okcs

Tisser by okcs

Tisser by okcs
The art waived by time
Champagne raised by the sun & the moon
Collector’s shop of “vintage wine”

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